There will be no spring next year

There will be no spring next year

A farewell to eternity
The fence from the mirror

The snow fell and the flowers fell yesterday
And now the frost is cold and silent

The maple leaves of autumn touch the strings
Turn the mutilated page again

But it’s all new

May I see you again
Falling flowers like snow
At that time,snowflakes couldn’t compete with that,
Colorful Garden and Colorful Clouds

I was thinking about today that day
But I figured out the days when it was snowing
I missing the snowy windowsill
While my thoughts were far and wide

After being deeply frozen
Can’t lock up where my heart is
Because the late spring still lingers
Last night that year,today

If you ask when the magpie will sing again
I’ll be speechless
No words to hide the words under the snow
There will be no spring next year

Zeriy wrote on the night of 11.9.2019

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