Last night, the moonlight was still present

Last night, the moonlight was still present

Morning has already risen, and last night the moonlight was still shining
Long and old

It seems like we have gained and lost again
But it was lost and regained

That hot and noisy day
(Sunset and dusk
Lamplight is dim in the night)

I can’t tell how far I’ve come
Time seems to have passed for a thousand years
Everything seems to have seen before today
Step by step, go back to the past

All that falls in the evening snow
The misty past and mis

I accompany the lonely years
Broken rain scattered over the shore and sea
Never told to stop
Time stops here

What I don’t want to write is
Such a tragic story
Looking back at the past
Originally, it was the moon shining forever

I can’t understand your writing
Can’t penetrate through a thousand miles of mist

A cicada’s roar breaks through the ground
I’ll go with you, you’ll go with the wind

On a summer night, with strings and thoughts lingering

The moon will not continue tonight
So I’m here to say good night

First sentence,You’re okay
secend, I was fine

The four seasons gradually pass by the twilight of dawn
The flowing rain has already overflowed the eaves
I know it’s spring again
The string rain comes again

Written by Zeriy on 3.21.2020

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